We are proud that we’ve been able to use funds from our annual campaign to Reach Further, Influence Further. We are grateful for contributions that support:

The Circle Way

  • We directed resources to launch of The Circle Way website, www.thecircleway.net; this site is a tangible landing place for all who encounter The Circle Way — practitioners new and old, visitors, curious onlookers, and organizations looking to utilize The Circle Way as an operating system.
  • We continued to support the physical gathering and connection of a “stewardship circle,” a group of 12 fire-keepers if you will, tasked to implement the launch and legacy transition.
  • We directed resources for the 2016 hiring of a part-time “community weaver and connector” to help sustain this launch of The Circle Way.
  • We helped grow the number of trained global colleagues who can teach The Circle Way Practicum and The  Advanced Circle Way Practice.
  • We directed resources and attention to use of The Circle Way FaceBook Practitioners Page at which nearly 500 practitioners have signed on.


  • We continued to extend scholarships, $9,000 in 2015, for people to receive circle training, adding to the thousands already touched by this work, creating peaceful dialogue, stories of understanding, and ways forward.

We welcome your continued support and you joining us to enliven the work of The Circle Way in world, large and small, with need.

The Board of Calling the Circle,

Sarah MacDougall (Minnesota), Tenneson Woolf (Utah), Nancy Fritsche Eagan (New Jersey), Beth Sanders (Alberta), Katharine Weinmann (Alberta), Shelly Jurmain (Arizona)