This website is developed and sustained by a loosely connected global circle of colleagues who practice, consult, and teach The Circle Way. Originally mentored and guided by Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin of PeerSpirit, Inc, we offer our own consulting services and training opportunities all over the world. Drawing on the same set of teachings and set of practices, we work both independently and in partnership with one another to spread what we have learned further into the world. 

In keeping with the teachings of The Circle Way, we have not developed a hierarchical structure. Instead we work collaboratively, in a relationship of reciprocity, generosity and trust, to promote the work through this site. Each person brings his or her unique offerings to the circle, so each workshop or event will be different, but you can trust that there is integrity, wisdom, and common teachings at the core of all of it.

To support this work, The Circle Way is also a 501©3 not-for-profit organization founded in 1998 and registered in Washington State on the northwest coast of the United States. The not-for-profit facilitates, sponsors, and promotes educational materials and programs that introduce and apply the principles and practices of The Circle Way as a social and spiritual movement. We commit to represent and welcome all forms of diversity in the work of The Circle Way and as it grows into the next generation of teaching and practice (so people can find their people in what we do). We invite you to meet the board here.

In response to the complexity of our times, our focus is to grow a diverse inter-generational community of circle practitioners who work to promote racial, gender, ethnic, economic and environmental justice in our organizations and communities. We are becoming a circle incubator designed to accelerate the growth and success of circle practices through an array of support resources and services that includes grants, coaching, learning opportunities and networking connections.  

We hope that you will spend some time seeking answers to your questions, learning more about our global colleagues and what they offer, and finding resources to help you. 

If you would like to contribute to the work of growing The Circle Way around the world, please consider donating to the non-profit that supports the work here

The Circle Way is a lightly formalized, lightly facilitated social structure that allows people to use circle process in a wide range of settings.

Based on ancient practices, The Circle Way was developed by Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin of PeerSpirit, Inc. Read more about this history here.

Based on 20+ years of teaching and learning, Ann and Christina have written many resource books, articles, and pamphlets, including the 1998 groundbreaker, Calling the Circle, the First and Future Culture, and their legacy book The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair. Much of the content of this website is adapted from this recent book.

Click here to learn more about what The Circle Way is and here to learn more about the process of hosting a circle.

The circle is an ancient, universal form of social structure that has accompanied people in the development of community and identity since the beginning of time. Sitting in deliberative councils provides a source of governance and guidance. The importance of dialogue, of listening to every voice, of receiving one another’s stories and experiences and of making decisions based on collective wisdom, remains strong, even in this time of hierarchy.

In the midst of the modern world, circle is emerging in adapted forms that maintain the fundamentals of traditional practice:   

  • People face each other and every voice is considered contributory.
  • Agreements of participation and respect are articulated.     
  • Conversation is viewed as a practice set apart from casual social interaction.     
  • The council is held as a social ceremony with a beginning/middle/end and a structure that holds it.     
  • The archetype of circle lineage is present in the space.

The Circle Way is one of these modernized practices that draws upon a global lineage, and it is in in the company of other practices who also draw upon this shared source and have developed their own adaptations. Please welcome and explore these models as we inform one another’s practices and each bring more circle into a world in desperate need of dialogue and listening.

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