Dear Friends of The Circle Way!

You found circle and it has touched your life. We are so pleased you sit on the The Circle Way rim and that circle has helped you, your family, your colleagues, and your community. Now, The Circle Way needs your help.

In these turbulent times of global and local unrest we are working hard to expand the influence of The Circle Way so that people have the opportunity to gather in ways, using this timeless form that supports deep listening, careful speaking, and intentional focus on the issues at hand.

Please make a gift in 2016.
1. Go to our Donate page here
2. Choose to Give Monthly or Give Now (for a one time donation), or
3. Donate by check payable to The Circle Way, PO Box 1480, Freeland, WA 98249.

Our vision for 2017 includes increasing financial support for circle trainings, expanding the number of people contributing to the newsletter and other outreach efforts, and intentional focus on providing materials representing a diverse cross section of cultures, ethnicities, races, genders and ages. We intend to grow this community of practitioners and learners into a community that grows itself. We are all in this human family together and circle helps us recognize our common humanity.

This past year much of our effort has been around unifying the non-profit board and the volunteer group of ‘worker bees’ into one organization. We transitioned our non-profit formerly Calling the Circle into The Circle Way to reduce confusion about who we are! Our monthly newsletter and social media messages have resulted in increased participation on The Circle Way Practitioners Facebook page. Plans are in the making for offering practitioner “Fire Gatherings” in North America and Europe. The Circle Way has moved from a founder led model to a global network model. There is much exciting momentum!

The Circle Way cannot thrive without your help so please consider a generous tax-deductible contribution to The Circle Way as you make decisions about your 2016 charitable giving.

Thank you. Together, we go further.

The Circle Way Board,
Sarah MacDougall / Tenneson Woolf
Nancy Fritsche Eagan / Beth Sanders
Katharine Weinmann / Shelly Jurmain
Amanda Fenton / Sharon Faulds

The Circle Way is a registered 501c3, non-profit organization (EIN 31-1624092) — donations are tax deductible.