Intentions and Agreements for The Circle Way Practitioners Facebook Group

We are an emerging network of people who are committed to using circle as a means of gathering people for meaningful conversation. This work is rooted in the teachings of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit (as shared in their book “The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair”). 

This space serves as a virtual commons for those who practice The Circle Way. It is meant to be a place for:
- the sharing of stories and best practices related to The Circle Way
- relationship building that supports our ongoing work in circle-hosting
- meaningful conversations that seek to grow this work in the world
- seeking feedback and ideas related to hosting circles

It is not meant to be a place for:
- selling your own or others products that are not related to the Circle Way
- critiquing the contributions of others (unless specific feedback has been requested by them)

While in this space, participants will uphold the practices and principles of The Circle Way, namely: 

The circle is an all leader group.
1. Leadership rotates among all circle members.
2. Responsibility is shared for the quality of experience.
3. Reliance is on wholeness, rather than on any personal agenda.

1. To speak with intention: noting what has relevance to the conversation in the moment.
2. To listen with attention: respectful of the learning process for all members of the
3. To tend the well being of the circle: remaining aware of the impact of our contributions.

We acknowledge the Circle Way agreements to be in place for this online space just as they are for our in-person gatherings:
•    We will hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
•    We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity.
•    We ask for what we need and offer what we can.
•    We agree to watch our need, timing and energy, pausing from time to time to gather our thoughts and re-focus.

All who are committed to practicing The Circle Way and upholding these agreements are welcome here.