June 2019

A Mid Year Update of Donations Supporting Circle Practice

Thank you for your continued Donations and Mutual Reciprocity Giving.

Thanks to your support, in 2019 this has happened through June: 

Circle Summit 2019, Photo credit: Amanda Fenton

Circle Summit 2019, Photo credit: Amanda Fenton

  • $3,120 in Individual Grants has helped six people to attend circle trainings (USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia).

  • $2,500 was utilized to host practitioners from many circle traditions at Circle Summit 2019, New York City.

  • $1,870 has been directed through a New Initiatives Grant to Innovative Young Indigenous Leadership Symposium (IYILS), that brings together young Indigenous peoples from across British Columbia to further their circle-based work grounded in Indigenous knowledge and ways of being.

Amazing groups and individuals are increasingly approaching The Circle Way for support and to offer their gifts. Thank you for your continued contribution, connection, and imagination. 

With continued focus to further grow a diverse inter-generational community of circle practitioners who work to promote racial, gender, ethnic, economic and environmental justice in our organizations and communities. 

Edge Reflections

(Excerpted from a dialogue poem harvested by Amanda Fenton from The Circle Summit Closing Circle)

Speaking challenge with love
And creating community with accountability
Feeling full in my soul
Replenishing the depletion
I didn’t know I needed
And the gift of living conflict
Ouch... oops... thank you 

Honouring without appropriation
Ego of doubt versus spirit of truth
Yes you are enough
Yes you do belong here
Remember always – grace
Cause there are going to be things
I don’t know and what I do know is
Bringing conversations around race
Has to be part of the edge.