We are dedicated to facilitating, sponsoring, and promoting programs that introduce, develop and disseminate the principles and practices of The Circle Way.

To do this, we maintain a scholarship fund, which requires that applicants meet the following guidelines:

  • Participation in an appropriate seminar that teaches and/or practices The Circle Way.
  • Demonstrated leadership capacity and experience at home, work, or in your communities.

To consider a request for financial assistance, we need an applicant’s written brief statement of demonstrable need and intention for carrying the benefits of Circle into the world.

There have been several instances in the past few years where someone received a scholarship for a seminar, and when their financial circumstances later changed, they contributed to the scholarship fund to support others. We invite applicants to think of scholarship as invitation to a giving circle.

To apply for scholarship or for more information, please email scholarships@thecircleway.net.