Calling the Circle, the non-profit that supports The Circle Way has been renamed. We, too, are now The Circle Way, and integrated into one website — that’s what you will see as we continue to reach out to you. It’s an integration to support more clarity and more capacity for us all to go together.

Our transition from founder-led, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, to a network led and sustained by community is a BIG story! We invite you to celebrate. Offer a gift that covers the cost of a cup of coffee, tea, lemonade, or glass of wine ($5- $10), and toast The Circle Way’s growing base of support. Our intent is 1,000 cups of celebration between now and the end of September. Contribute as many cups as you wish! All gifts will be compiled to offer scholarships to more people learning The Circle Way.

Offering this gift Is easy:

  1. Go to our Donate page here.
  2. Select Give Once.
  3. In the Comment section, reference “Cup of Coffee” (or Cup of Tea, Lemonade, Wine)

The Circle Way is evolving a disposition about fundraising, shifting it from solely an end-of-year ask to an ongoing conversation that is grounded in relationships. This year we are including this “Cup of Coffee” ask for the first time. In the coming months you'll see invitations on Facebook, over Twitter, and email, welcoming further dreaming together and sharing of stories.

You know that the stories of people using The Circle Way are inspiring. Recently a friend convened a group to talk about ending hunger in a major US city. She thought forty people would come. She ended up with one hundred. There is hunger everywhere for meaningful connection, respectful discourse, and imaginative thinking. The Circle Way helps us to do that.

With appreciation, and on behalf of The Circle Way firekeepers,

Tenneson Woolf (Utah, Board Chair), Sarah MacDougall (Washington), Nancy Fritsche Eagan (New Jersey), Beth Sanders (Alberta), Katharine Weinmann (Alberta), Shelly Jurmain (Arizona), Amanda Fenton (British Columbia), Sharon Faulds (Ontario), Petra Martin (Washington, Community Weaver)