Women’s Leadership Circle Kit
The Future of the World Depends on Women (CD/DVD set)

An exploration of our role as women leaders led by Margaret J. Wheatley, Christina Baldwin, and Ann Linnea.

Women all over the world – in villages, governments, organizations – are stepping forward to offer their leadership in service to the issues most affecting their communities. The Women’s Leadership Circle Kit is designed for you to explore your contribution as a leader, using circle process. The experience of calling a circle and exploring the gifts and power of women’s leadership is frequently one of joyous discovery, companionship and encouragement.

The Women’s Leadership Circle Kit contains an abundance of resources to support you to host women’s circles, including a DVD with 3 presentations, and a CD of print-ready downloadable guides and articles.

Available for $20 US with proceeds donated to The Circle Way - email nancy@peoplepotential.org.


Know you are in good company as you start a circle. Women all over the world are taking time for reflection and learning, and planning wise actions that will make a difference in their organizations and communities. We need to claim our role as leaders, not for power or status but because the world needs what we offer.