Christina and Ann formed a small educational company that they called PeerSpirit, Inc. to carry forward their belief that the circle was needed in mainstream culture. They began training people in circle process and learning together many of the deeper insights and practices that later appeared in the book they co-authored, The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair.

Thousands of people have now been trained by Ann and Christina in The Circle Way. They have traveled around the world offering workshops and consulting with organizations and communities who want to adopt The Circle Way practices. Learn more about their twenty year pioneering journey bringing The Circle Way back to help us move forward in the below video.

In recent years, Ann and Christina have begun to realize that it is time for them to step into the role of elders. They serve as mentors and guides to those people who have fully embraced the practice and now offer training on their own. This website is emerging out of that transition. It is a place where the next generation of practitioners and trainers are gathering to offer their wisdom and understanding of circle into the world.