Our deepest belief has been that careful dialogue, with a question or intention in the center, agreements for speaking and listening at the rim, and a light social structure for leadership can change how people work, live, and govern themselves.  ~ Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

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What is The Circle Way?

  • A way of being in the world
  • A structure for deep conversation and wise outcomes
  • A methodology founded by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea in 1992
  • A growing movement of global practice

What is The Circle Way process?

The Circle Way gathers people into a circular shape with participants at the rim and the purpose in the centre. Each person has a voice and everyone can see and hear one another. Social agreements and practices help facilitate respectful conversation. Circle supports a leader in every chair.

If you’re new to The Circle Way, start here for a more in-depth description. Read the book, access resources, find out where you can take training, and meet the people doing the training. Don’t be afraid to try this at home!

Will The Circle Way work where I work?

Even within hierarchy, The Circle Way works. Bringing people from all levels to sit as co-leaders in the circle leads to wise decisions and actions. Circle practice is highly successful in business environments, non-profits/NGOs, community organizations, schools, universities, and faith communities.

Will The Circle Way work where I live?

The Circle Way provides a slightly more formalized conversation process when people need to speak and listen to one another carefully. Circle assists families, friends, and communities in moments of transition and life celebrations. Circle deepens communication of the heart.

How is The Circle Way being used?

Discover stories about how people are using The Circle Way and adapting its practices to their environments. Learn from community builders in Zimbabwe, teachers in Canada, leadership consultants in Germany, nuns in the United States, and many others.