The Circle Way Board is a group of voluntary stewards committed to growing and evolving applied practice of The Circle Way throughout the world. This group works in friendship to foster support and connection among people interested in applied circle. 

The board fulfills the mandate to sustain legal and fiduciary responsibility of a 501c3 (USA) not-for-profit entity to receive and send resources. 

The board does not manage nor represent the network of practitioners. It does not certify practitioners. It does not seek to control direction, but rather encourages people everywhere to animate learning, extend reach, and to give life to and further the use of circle.

If you would like to be considered as board steward at next opening (approximately every two years), please contact one of the current board members.

Board Member Criteria: 

  • Brings diversity aligned with the Board purpose, e.g. ethnicity, location, culture, experience, perspective, wisdom, age, gender. 
  • Appreciates and upholds the Board Principles & Values (see below) and values of The Circle Way.
  • Commits to participate in monthly 2 hour Zoom meetings and 2-four day annual retreats.
  • Assumes a portion of the work dedicated to furthering the Board’s purpose and vision 
  • Commits to annually contribute monetary donation and/or “in kind” service to The Circle Way.

Board Principles & Values: 

  • We embrace abundance and generosity. 
  • We radically work in right relationship from a place of wholeness, diversity and human goodness, trusting this will evolve the conversation into action. 
  • We care for one another and all beings. 
  • We live The Circle Way. 
  • We live in ambiguity and complexity, trusting in spirit.
  • We tend to the balance of the sacred covenant and the economic flow. 
  • We work in mutual reciprocity. 
  • We use the “advice process” (Frederic Laloux, Re-inventing Organizations) and work in interconnected/interdependent autonomy. 
  • We follow our energy and appetite. 
  • We radically practice “ask for what you need and offer what you can.” 
  • We seek succession and sit in relationship with those coming to support the future of The Circle Way 
  • We learn as we go, exercising bold leadership to keep us moving forward. 
  • We share responsibility for inflows and outflows (sacred economy). 
  • We commit to represent and actively invite all forms of diversity in the work of The Circle Way and as it grows into the next generation of teaching and practice (so people can find their people in what we do). 
  • We are a board for the purpose of 501c not-for-profit status, and a working community for the purpose of moving The Circle Way forward in the world. 

Current Board Members


Sarah MacDougall, Ed.D., has been a board member for fifteen years. Circle is Sarah’s passion. Since sitting in her first circle in 1993, she has practiced circle process in her professional and personal life. A former high school science teacher, Sarah earned a doctorate in educational leadership and change in 2005. Her dissertation is an ethnographic study of PeerSpirit circle (The Circle Way) as transformative process. There is a pressing need for humans to listen to one another, collaboratively create solutions, and take action to assure a more equitable and just world. Circle provides a way to do this.


Tenneson Woolf ( is a facilitator, workshop leader, speaker, and writer. He designs and leads meetings in participative formats. To help people be smarter together. To get people interacting with each other — learning together, building relationships, and focused on projects. From strategic visioning with boards to large conference design. Living systems, self-organization, and emergence inspire his work. In 1993 Tenneson began working through The Berkana Institute, a group of global friends and practitioners working to bring forward new leadership forms. It was there that he first encountered PeerSpirit and began practicing deliberate forms of circle that are now at the heart of all of his work. He sees these forms as supporting a wholeness consciousness in the world and in himself. Tenneson is also a long time steward in the Art of Hosting community of practice. His educational background includes a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. He lives in both Lindon, Utah and Seattle, Washington.


Nancy Fritsche Eagan ( is founder and President of People Potential and has provided consultation and training services to public and social sector organizations for over 20 years. She applies her direct services and management experiences in government and the social sector to her work. She is a specialist in change strategies, relationship and community building, leadership development and project management.  Nancy designs meetings to foster meaningful conversations in support of collaborative and inclusive processes. Nancy is known for her ability to create and customize services and interventions that are suited to the needs of each organization.

Shelly Jurmain, CPA, has over 30 years of business and accounting experience in governmental and non-profit organizations.  She was first exposed to The Circle Way circle practice while attending the Arizona Council of Grandmothers Annual Gathering in 2008 and fell in love with the circle process. She is looking forward to bringing two passions of her life, accounting and circle practice, together as she takes a seat on the rim of The Circle Way board.

Katharine Weinmann, MSW, CPF ( is honored to sit on the rim of The Circle Way board as a realization of her commitment to steward the global movement of The Circle Way. She is a practitioner of circle, embodying its wisdom, form and values in her hosting and facilitation.  Katharine introduced circle practice and the Art of Hosting to leaders and staff within a large metropolitan school district to heartfully and mindfully invite meaningful conversation, authentic engagement and satisfying learning. Since stepping into her encore in 2012, Katharine has hosted circle practica in her community, and continues to support leaders as they attend to their inner lives to live, learn and lead with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity.

Whidbey Amanda.jpg

Amanda Fenton ( worked in the co-operative sector for nearly seventeen years with thirteen of them in Human Resources, including HR consulting, leadership and organizational development, change projects and collaborative strategic planning processes. She is a co-teacher of The Art of Hosting and The Circle Way, and is skilled in designing participatory gatherings using circle-based methods such as The Circle Way, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Collective Story Harvest and others to host and harvest conversations for thoughtful change, working with non-profits, churches, schools, other organizations and networks.