We offer several short booklets about aspects of The Circle Way and how it is used in various settings.

The Circle Way Pocket Guide

by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

This booklet provides easy access to the structure of The Circle Way for those who need a quick reference guide or want to provide basic knowledge to a group, and is based on the book The Circle Way. Without embellishment in essay or story, it informs readers how to set intention, call a group together, make agreements, define purpose and set the circle in motion. There is a section for sustaining the circle and responding to the circle in trouble. Available to download for free here. Once the page has loaded, right click and choose Save as to download. A donation is invited and deeply appreciated as your contribution helps make this resource freely available - donate here.


The Circle Way for Communities of Faith

by Ivy Thomas

This booklet shares stories of circle in faith communities with boards/councils, vision and mission planning, congregational conversations, small group reflections, congregational conflict and wider gatherings of the faith community. It highlights the benefits and describes how to introduce The Circle Way, and that by using rotating leadership, sharing responsibility, and attending to the spirit of shared intention, small groups of ordinary people can align themselves with social awareness, spiritual values and responsiveness to the pressing needs of the earth, its people and its creatures. Available here to download and read on your Kindle or any device.


Understanding Shadow and Projection in Circles and Groups

by Meredith Jordan and Christina Baldwin

This booklet describes the covert and hard-to-talk-about energies in circle and group work–those aspects of self, personal need, and agenda that people bring to a meeting without awareness. You'll find that this booklet makes you more conscious of the impact of what’s not being talked about. It provides stories, exercises, and suggestions for keeping a circle accountable to both interpersonal integrity and appropriate task.  Available here to download and read on your Kindle or any device. 


Understanding Energetics in Circles and Groups 

by Cheryl Conklin and Ann Linnea

In western culture, when we want to understand how to communicate with others, we focus on words. Yet, we’ve all had experiences that remind us how much communication happens without words—for example, sensing when a loved one is in trouble or withdrawing from a situation that feels fearful. Through energetics, we communicate our unspoken thoughts, moods, intentions, and feelings to others. This booklet gives a practical understanding of how to observe and participate in the energetics of groups and circles. In it, you’ll find exercises and practices to enhance your understanding and skill in this area of circle work. Available here to download and read on your Kindle or any device.  


The Circle Way for Proactive Aging: A Harvest of Years

by Cynthia Trenshaw
“Who will care for me when I'm old? Is it too late to prepare for my aging? Am I the only one who yearns for conversations of substance? How can I gather a supportive community?" Many people beyond midlife hunger for a group with which to share reflections on these questions. Author Cynthia Trenshaw describes how to get started and choose participants. She suggests topics of conversation and provides guidelines for maintaining a thriving group dynamic. This booklet is written for people who want to call their own circle and for people working with issues of aging, health, and spiritual care. It describes how to create a circle to focus on the questions of aging by using The Circle Way. However, any reader who wishes to start a circle centered around a specific subject will find this booklet invaluable. Available here to download and read on your Kindle or any device.  


The Circle Way for Nursing Leadership: A Model for Conversation and Shared Leadership in the Workplace

by Pamela Austin Thompson and Christina Baldwin

This booklet explores the need for nurse leaders to support the development of a culture of communication from the administrative level to direct-care nurses. Past editions have been used in trainings offered by the Association of Nurse Executives and by nursing schools. The Circle Way has been used in hospital and other healthcare settings throughout North America. Available here to download and read on your Kindle or any device.