Circle arose in different cultures and languages and re-adapts to different cultures, languages, and environments. 

You are welcome whether you are new to circle or whether you have been practicing for many years. You are welcome whether you want to find a way to talk with your family and friends, or if you want to gather the employees of a large corporation to re-imagine the future of the organization.

The Circle Way is beautifully adaptable to various groups, issues, and timeframes. It offers a chance for people to stop, to sit down, and to listen to each other. The Circle Way can be the process used for the duration of a gathering, or it can be used as a means for “checking in” at the beginning and “checking out” at the end. It can be used for making difficult decisions, or to help a community through transitions. Circle can be used for a couple or family or a company of a hundred. Wherever people need or want to gather for conversation, The Circle Way invites meaningful dialogue.