Archive: The Circle Way café in the Netherlands

by Jan Adam and Diana van Donselaar
June 2015

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This month’s Circle Tale is short and sweet, just perfect for summer! Written by our Dutch colleagues Jan Adam and Diana van Donselaar, it describes a morning “Circle Way Café” that they offered this past spring.

Thank you Jan and Diana, for sharing this story!

Eighteen people, some of whom we did not know, responded to our call to attend a Sunday morning Circle Way Café in March. In our invitation we said, “The Circle Way is a beautiful dialogue method that invites the best in ourselves to manifest.”

We carefully set up Diana’s office with a circle of chairs. She lit the candle in the middle and the magic was there. We asked the check-in question: “What is, in the upcoming period, really important for me, what do I focus on?”

People responded to the question and placed objects they had brought in the center: a young blossoming spring branch, a small musical instrument, a book on philosophy, photo of young children. Stories and tender tears were shared.

Everything that was needed to be said was said. Wisdom and full involvement was there. Afterwards, there was coffee with a treat. Admission was free but priceless.