circle in community

Archive: The power of questions for leaders and for life

Whether pastor, staff, lay leader, or consultant, questions can open space, invite and evoke insight and wisdom from groups and individuals and change entire cultures. Asking good, open, honest, high-level questions is an art and a science. 

Archive: The Athenian Circle

In Greece, during a time of great upheaval and political unrest, 22 friends, family, and colleagues meet to unlock their hearts and explore the questions: “What do we see happening in our land? How do we feel? What do we practice? What can we do together? And what do we see possible?”

Archive: A community disagrees on how an abandoned railroad should be used

A railroad would become a trail, but who would be allowed to use it? Some felt that it should be used only by people on foot and bikes. Others felt it should also be open to ATVs and snow mobiles. How could these views be reconciled?

Archive: A Circle Tale in Three Countries

On teaching circle to Europeans primed for leadership and experimentation of processes in Germany, using circle to discuss health, governance and travel in a Zimbabwean village, and leading a circle practicum that brought together diverse groups in Cape Town.