Tips for making your heart wish real

Paige Nelson offers what she has learned about taking her “heart wish” to intention and then to a program of community education and support using The Circle Way.

TIPS for Making Your Heart Wish Real

Check in with your “heart wish” for the world. We each have a little voice that whispers to us our dreams about the world we want to live in.

Answer the call that YOU are the one to create and bring that heart wish into reality. If you can hear it- it’s yours to create. (For me, my heart wish is for all children to live creative freedom and through my business, I am able to work with many children. But then I heard the call to gather the parents, too, so we can work together for the same goal. I quickly learned the parents were hungry for this type of learning and intentional gathering and we just keep growing.)


Begin to design your CIRCLE. Bring like minded people together. Use The Circle Way to support the unfolding and impact of intentional gatherings. Consider your ‘center of the circle’ to will help guide your intention.

Share your intentions and ideas about how you will build your circle to inspire the leaders you will have in your chairs. Those leaders become the team with a shared intention.

Consider how The Circle Way New Initiative Grant would support the circle. Be specific in identifying program intention, design, supports and resources, both now, and with time and expansion.

Take your time and LISTEN to yourself. Trust yourself as you are guiding a gathering of talented souls and The Circle Way can help support that.

Hold your intentions and heart wishes as SACRED. These creative prayers are like precious wishing stones and need to be held with care and attention. Share these with The Circle Way when you connect about grant opportunities.

Re-read The Circle Way book. This will spark more ideas and allow for some intuitions to come in about WHO you may invite to your first sacred meeting.

Invite your teammates and create your circle space. Share your journey with The Circle Way on the Facebook page, and in writing a story for the monthly blog. They believe in you. We go together.

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Paige Nelson, director of right brain expansion at Creative Expression for Children, LLC, is grateful to be learning, connecting, and growing with others. With graduate studies from the School of Humanity and Awareness (SoHA) in Atlanta, GA, and a BFA in theatre from Syracuse University, she is committed to cultivating a world where all beings know their value and come together in the freedom of creative expression. She is a mother of 3 brilliant creative children and makes home with them and her partner and best friend Steve in Kansas City, MO. There, they are renovating a new studio space intended to serve children looking to walk a creative path.