Tips for creating space for connection

Jonas David Hunter offers these simple reminders to create the space in which our connections with each other are preserved.

Protecting the connection between us

The space that we have created together has an importance worth preserving. Here are a few tips to consider and you can learn more by visiting the various resources at The Circle Way.

  • Create a safe container. The Circle Way gives guidelines such as setting an intention, creating a center, using a talking piece, having a guardian, and setting clear agreements.

  • Pause. In any conversation, requesting a pause can be powerful.

  • Speaking to the what is not being said, such as to power dynamic that exists, “yes, we have different levels of power, and we’re working with it” - Tuesday Ryan Hart

  • Committing to care for each other.

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Jonas David Hunter is a business/organizational development consultant with international experience in building successful teams and organizations. He is passionate about systems thinking, simplifying complex situations, and helping teams be their best. His work focuses on strengthening vision and mission alignment, culture, strategic management, and process.

Since 2010 Jonas has been consulting with organizations such as Kiss the Ground, where he was the Executive Director and developed the leadership team, the board of directors, and set the strategy for the early stages of the organization. He was the interim COO for Sacred Capital, a blockchain innovation company based out of Singapore and developed a self-managing sales team for B-Line Logistics.

As a dual Canadian/American global citizen, after living in India, Japan, Russia, and Macedonia, he brings an international view to his work and life. He also loves farming and the outdoors.