2018 year in review

The Circle Way Stories and Tips – a year in review 2018

Once again, we’ll close out 2018 providing “a year in review” of the monthly blogs and tips, to catch the rich diversity in how The Circle Way is re-igniting circle in our communities and organizations around the world.

 January 2018 – Hosting Three Sisters in Circle

Linda Joy Mitchell (UK) shares what it means to trust the process and herself as she accepts an “atypical” invitation to circle up in support of family healing and end of life planning.

TIPS -  Hosting and Facilitation – Is there a difference?

February 2018 – Communities of Belonging: Creating and Hosting Circle in rural Ethiopia

TravelPoet and circle practitioner Kristie McLean (USA) writes a beautiful story of hosting circle in rural Ethiopia, demonstrating The Circle Way’s commitment to respond to the complexity of our times by promoting racial, gender, ethnic, economic and environmental justice in our organizations and communities. 

TIPS - Using Circle in International Humanitarian Work

March 2018 – The Strength inside Vulnerability – The Circle Way and Soulful Fellowship

 Roq Gareau (Canada), an early board member, shares his experience as both host and participant in a men’s healing circle, guided by The Circle Way principles. Roq’s powerful narrative is brought to life with excerpts from his first and recently published book, Soulful Fellowship: Men, Meaning and Purpose.

TIPS - 3 Essential Practices for Ensuring the Well Being of the Group

April 2018 – Stepping in with Courage and Commitment – Bringing The Circle Way to Our Work

Retired high school counsellor Mary Frances Fitzgerald (Canada) describes how she and her colleague, Melinda McNie, boldly applied TCW components to structure a new and effective way of engaging their partners in service of youth at risk.

TIPS – Collaboratively Hosting The Circle Way

May 2018 – Leading a Women’s Wilderness Canoe Trip as Circle

We got comfortable as Sharon Wichman (USA) told her beautiful tale of embedding The Circle Way into the wilderness canoe trip she organized for seven women.

TIPS -  Taking The Circle Way on a Canoe Trip

June 2018 – GRANT RECIPIENT - Getting Ready for the 24th Annual Arizona Grandmothers Gathering: How a Grant from The Circle Way Helped Us Prepare

The Circle Way Board is committed to providing grants to financially support new initiatives that further the growth of circle practice in the world.  This month’s story describes how such a grant offset expenses allowing a small group of women to come together for a day to prepare themselves to host small circle conversations at their annual gathering of Grandmothers (USA).

TIPS – What to Consider When Applying for a Grant from The Circle Way

July 2018 - Puppets in the Centre – Easing into Heartful Conversation

Five librarians from a large metropolitan public library (Canada) share how they use stuffed animal puppets as talking pieces in their staff circles to ease and deepen the conversation about the impact of job relocation.

TIPS – Creative Talking Pieces – Stuffed Animal Puppets

August 2018 - My First Circle: A Series Focused on Self-Care

This month we feature a wonderful “how to” story about offering a “real” circle to the community.  Karen Doyle Buckwalter (USA) had many years’ experience applying a component of The Circle Way here and there in her work, but after participating in an online practicum, she was ready to jump in and plan and host the “real thing”!

TIPS – Bringing Center into Online Zoom Circles (Sharon Wichman, USA)

September 2018 – Welcoming our Humanity with a Check-In Question

An essential component of The Circle Way, the check-in is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin to apply The Circle Way.  Amanda Fenton (Canada), TCW practitioner, teacher and board member, describes how she crafted a timely and responsive question and structured online space to effectively help her international gathering arrive and step into their learning.

TIPS – 7 Tips for Generative Check Ins (Beth Sanders, Canada)

October 2018 – GRANT RECIPIENT – Creating Conscious Parents

We like to feature stories from recipients of TCW New Initiative Grants, both to show the breadth of possibility using The Circle Way in our world, and to demonstrate to our donors the results of their generous support.  This month, Paige Nelson, Creative Director of Creative Expression for Children, LLC (USA) describes her intention for designing a circle-based education and support program for parents to combat the rise in teen suicide in her community.

TIPS – For Making Your “Heart Wish” Real

November 2018 - Creating Classroom Community Using Class Meetings and The Circle Way

This month we feature another story from Edmonton Public Schools, Alberta (Canada) where The Circle Way is being embedded in classrooms, consulting work, and central services.  Here, Youssra Badr, a participant in TCW practicum, shares how she applied its components to create community among her elementary students using the class meeting protocol.

TIPS – For Using The Circle Way to Create Community In Classrooms

December 2018 – GRANT RECIPIENT – The Dandelion Effect: Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This month we feature the Indiana Voices of Women (USA)and how a “new initiative” grant from The Circle Way supports their vision of empowering multigenerational and culturally diverse women to integrate feminism, spirituality and leadership.

TIPS - Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by Asking Systemic Questions

Me and White Supremacy Workbook - Layla F. Saad has just released “Me and White Supremacy Workbook”, described as “Part education, part activation, the Me And White Supremacy Workbook is a first-of-its-kind personal anti-racism tool for people holding white privilege to begin to examine and dismantle their complicity in the oppressive system of white supremacy.” The Workbook includes information on The Circle Way process for using the Workbook in a group setting.


If The Circle Way has made a difference in your life, we'd love to hear from you. These practice stories feed our learning fire and inspire the next generation of practitioners. 

Looking forward to next year's monthly stories and practice tips!